New software and technology are creeping up on our digital scene faster than we can blink. The downside is, all these new options and distractions is making marketing more challenging. The upside, however, is that your business’ marketing strategy can be simplified and a lot easier to manage and execute with these marketing tools. All businesses can keep their marketing campaigns simple and on-task if you strategically use inexpensive and free tools to aid your task.

Here’s a list of our favorite marketing tools that we like to use to keep our team on track and our work accountable. Check them out below!

Zoho – Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications for Businesses

We love Zoho because we can mange our sales and projects all in one place. This is a great tool that allows you to track sales and new opportunities, manage marketing campaigns, and keep track of individual tasks on the project management side. With Zoho, you can stay accountable on deadlines, collaborate with your team members, and manage your own to-do list directly on the platform. As for CRM, though there are tons of options out there, we prefer Zoho CRM because it allows us to track sales activities in the same place as our projects. You can kill two birds with one stone with this gem—we highly recommend it.

G-Suite by Google

Google offers a lot of low to no-cost business help that’s effective for all sizes of organizations. We like to use Google Analytics to evaluate website effectiveness, Google Drive to manage our files and easily share them across our team; and Google AdWords to advertise online using display or text ads on search engine result pages.

Social Report

If you’re sick of logging into each individual social platform to make your daily updates, it may be time to lean on a platform that can make your social media marketing a lot simpler. Social report helps you manage your brand across multiple social media platforms, all in one simple web location. Here you can make posts for all your platforms at once, schedule posts for the future, check your engagement levels, see who followed or un-followed you, download comparative reports, and so much more. It’s worth taking a look at!


Blast a single message to all of your clients and prospects at once with this easy-to-manage email communication tool. MailChimp allows you to create and schedule tons of email types like newsletters, invitations, company updates, or check-ins. You can even check numbers and in-depth reports to help you understand who’s opened your email, or why some of the recipients gave it a skip.


This helpful little online marketing tool allows you to survey your target audience using their email software, so you to be able to understand the opinion and thoughts of your audience regarding your brand, product launches, events, and more.


Source and purchase stock photos and videos with this helpful photo platform. We always encourage you to use your own photos that are unique to your brand, but if you’re unable to do so, this allows you to gather quality photos that are well within your budget.

Website Grader

This measures the effectiveness of your website and SEO. Using tools like this allows you to grade your website so you may better understand where your website is lacking, what can be improved, and pinpoint what needs to be optimized for better search engine visibility.

Lots of organizations are understaffed when it comes to carrying out their marketing campaigns and strategies, which makes it very difficult to manage a comprehensive marketing plan. Using these online marketing tools will enable you to be much more effective when it comes to implementing your marketing and tracking how well you’re doing.

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