Work your Database like a miner

If there is one consistent problem that I see over and over again with businesses/organizations regarding their marketing, it’s their lack of utilizing their customer relationship management (CRM) database.  I blog about this several times a year, because it’s so fundamental and paramount to good marketing.  If you are not mining your database, then you are not out-n-out in your approach.  Here are some keys points to consider when mining your database:

  • Look at it everyday
  • Keep it fresh and relevant
  • Setup useful reports
  • Create alerts & notifications
  • Perpetually communicate to your contacts
  • Segment your database

Over the next few days, I’m going to camp out on this topic and elaborate on each point a bit.  If you’re not mining your database, then I encourage you to join me in this discussion by commenting and sharing the posts.

Stay disciplined!

Ernie Dimalanta – The Out-&-Out Marketer

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