Perpetually Communicate with Your Contacts

Alright, I’m almost finished with filing taxes this year.  Which means that I can get back into posting blogs more consistently.  Today I’m going to talk about what perpetually communicating with your contacts.  Of course what’s the purpose of maintaining a customer relationship management tool if you don’t plan on staying connected with your contacts.  I often mention in my seminars that one of the most important fields in your database to keep fresh is the notes section of each contact.  Why is that? As you build into relationships it’s imperative to keep record of significant information as it pertains to the people you do business with.

For example:

  • For clients, you may want to track business/personal milestones or possible potentials.
  • For your circle of influence, you may want to track birthdays, life achievements, favors to cash in, or ways to to give back to them.
  • For your prospects, you definitely want to track possible opportunities, but don’t forget track what’s going on in their world.

All of this helps you to stay relevant with the people in your network, and allows you to grow your relationships.  Strong relationships helps to build a strong business!

Keep it perpetual!

-Ernie Dimalanta, The Out-&-Out Marketer

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