Runners with reflective gear

What is visibility?  When you think of a runner or cyclist exercising at dusk, you will see some type of reflective gear being worn.  It makes the athlete visible to oncoming traffic.  At the theatre, the actors need to be visible to the audience therefore a stage is used.  We can apply this same principle to business.  Ask yourself, “What am I doing to create visibility to my target audience?”  Granted we can’t wear reflective gear to attract business, but we can elevate ourselves on a “stage” with a specific audience in mind.

Here are 10 ways to increase brand visibility:

  1. Promote a purposefully designed search-engine optimized website
  2. Engage your market through social media
  3. Advertise through search engine pay-per-click or re-targeting ads
  4. Network in a local chamber, referral group, philanthropic group, trade associations, and/or trade shows
  5. Train, equip, and mobilize a sales force
  6. Execute public relation campaigns and events
  7. Piggy back your marketing with other businesses and/or organizations
  8. Strategically locate signs – Billboards, Yard signs, banners, vehicle wraps, etc
  9. Dripmail offers electronically or through snail mail
  10. Utilize traditional mediums like print publications, on radio, or on television

These will all help increase your visibility.  But there is much to be said on how to effectively utilize these tactics.  There are shelves of books out there where you can learn all that you need about each of these tactics.  Just be sure to choose tactics that work towards your marketing goals and within your marketing budget.

Keep it Targeted,

Ernie Dimalanta
Founder of Out-&-Out Marketing®

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