A Newsletter at Its Best

We recently learned from our CRM partner, Hubspot, that 99% of people check their email every single day. Out of all those people, 46% check their email on a mobile device. Shew! To our Dimalanta team, this means we have to keep emphasizing the importance of email newsletters to our clients and customers. Email newsletters can show up in surprisingly comforting ways. You are literally putting your business in the pocket of every customer. What could be a better marketing strategy than that?

Despite the informative data above, you may be asking yourself, but what is the purpose of a newsletter? 

Here’s what we know…

  1. Newsletters help you build a solid audience. When you reach out regularly, in intimate ways with handy tips, you build trust with your audience, and establish a deeper connection than you could on social media. Now, we aren’t suggesting you neglect social media, but rather use both of these tools to support each other. This leads us to our next point…
  2. Newsletters can help you grow your community on social media. With every letter, encourage your audience to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you live. Highlight your usage of video, reels, and the short useful tips you share about your products and services. For example, you may not realize that WE, Dimalanta Design Group, have Instagram and Facebook accounts where we offer quick, fun marketing advice. Go follow us!
  3. Newsletters allow you to look at your engagement. Specifically, we are talking about using email newsletters as a fantastic CRM tool. Through a partner like Hubspot, which we use with all of our clients, you can measure how many people open your emails, click the links with your emails, and unsubscribe from your list. This kind of information helps you create the most effective marketing strategies to reach your ideal target audience.
  4. Newsletters help you sell products and services without being pushy. This gives you the chance to connect and open up with your audience through the written word. In this context, you can creatively slip sales, promotions, special event deals, and donation buttons without being annoying. If your tips and tools are helpful and show up consistently, chances are your customers will trust you and go where you lead them. This leads us to our last point…
  5. Newsletters help drive traffic to your website. When a customer decides to take advantage of that special promotion, they are guided to your website and all the magic it holds. There they can start exploring other products and services you sell and what makes your business unique.

We hope you chose a well-written newsletter! Sometimes, it’s just what your customer needs to find as they sit down to a slow cup of coffee or take a lunch break at work. They want to be reminded that they matter to you. Show them!

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