“The secret of man’s being is not only to live but to have something to live for.”

–Fyodor Dostoevsky


Two things most business owners know for sure:

Professionally, I should promote my business on social media. It’s a good tool because people spend a lot of time there.

Personally, friends, family and community are really important and give life meaning. I need community. 


Our suggestion?

Let these two ideas weave into each other and influence each other within your marketing strategy. We all know that community is important. Relationships give life meaning. They give us something to live for and everyone needs a sense of purpose. Smush this idea with the most relevant and efficient advertising tool that has ever existed and you’ve just struck marketing gold.

“The scroll” is real. But why are people always scrolling? They aren’t looking for your business. They’re looking for community. When you prove to customers that you care about connecting with them, helping them and creating a community with them, you are going to slingshot your business into growth you never thought possible.


John Maxwell said,

“Everything you and I do as leaders in business or in the community is about people, and the people we serve are constantly asking three questions:


  1. Do you like me?
  2. Can you help me?
  3. Can I trust you? 


People want to know that they matter (…) [Businesses] have to understand the greatest source of their credibility isn’t the brand–it’s the customers of the brand. Before we can build a business, we must build a community.”

Social media is where people live these days. When a business sets out to create a community on social media they are meeting people where they live. It’s like showing up at a customer’s doorstep. In addition, social media also has the benefit of exposing your business to a much larger audience AT THE SAME TIME. When you create a community of followers on social media you easily and efficiently draw a huge circle of influence.

But, look what happens next…

When customers feel a sense of comradery with your business, they tell their FRIENDS about your business which increases your sphere of influence EVEN MORE.

“When customers realize that an organization is truly for them, they return the favor.”

–Jeff Henderson, Chick-Fil-A

So, you’re convinced. You may be thinking, what’s next? How does my business actually create a community on social media?

Here are five social media ideas to discuss at your next communications meeting:


  1. Jeff Henderson also said, “In today’s world, what’s good for people is good for business(…) A customer is treated like a team is treated.” First, you have to create a communications team of cheerleaders for your business. How do you find good cheerleaders within your organization? Whatever the customer needs at a deeper psychological level is what your employees need at a deeper psychological level. Treat people well and create a sense of pride within your organization and you will curate incredible cheerleaders. Create and maintain healthy team culture, first, and let the trickle-down-effect start a great flow of digital marketing.
  2. Craft an overall marketing vision that is less about you and more about the customer. Follow up, “At Our Business, we believe” statements with dialogue.


What are 3 activities that saved your family during quarantine? What cocktail combination would you love to see at our next event? How can we help you achieve your dreams? What are your favorite ways to move? What are your family’s favorite fall activities? How are you?

Create dialogue and you create an online community convincing your customer that you care about them. Through these simple questions you are not just growing sales you’re growing people. People have value. When you see that, they feel that and add value to your business. They will like, comment and share. These actions convince the algorithms of social media that you are creating connections (which you are!) and not just trying to sell a product. Social media platforms push these kinds of connection-creating posts to the front of a “feed” giving your business a wider sphere of influence.

  1. LIKE, RESPOND, MESSAGE, FOLLOW BACK. You can’t just create dialogue and then leave people dangling. You have to be responsive. This is really where you reveal how different your business is and how much you care. “Like” and respond to as many comments as you can and offer ways to help via message if people ask questions. This seems obvious, but requires a lot of effort, which is why some businesses avoid this interaction. It’s WORTH IT though! Responsiveness is how you build the integrity of your business on social media and create a community of followers. “Follow” the people who follow your business and you answer one of John Maxwell’s top questions people are always asking, do you like me? Yes, we do!     
  2. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs and expose the hunger. Create a strategy for 7 days a week of posts using a variety of media: IGTV videos sharing testimonials, graphics with quotes and useful tips, beautiful photos (on brand) that highlight a solved problem or enhance the content. All of these little pushes, give your customer a taste of your business. In all of this media, you leave a trail of tasty breadcrumbs. As your audience picks up a little taste, tip or testimonial each day they start to feel a need tugging at them that your business can help relieve. 
  3. Now it’s time to feed, feed, FEED! This is not the kind of “feed” we refer to above. The kind of feed we are talking about in step 5 is your SOLUTION to the customer’s problem. The trail of tastes, tips and testimonials (followed up by dialogue) created a sense of community and HUNGER. The customer now feels valued and feels a need. At the very bottom of all of your posts, put a link or call to action. FEED them! Tell them where to go or where to click to learn more. Direct them to a hunk of satisfaction! Whether this is your website or event link, make the route easy and simple to access.


Most likely, you started your business because you wanted to help people. You saw a need in the world that your passions aligned with and you started a thing! You started your business or you applied for your position because people have value. Start allowing this passion to unfurl within your team culture and marketing and see what happens. We guarantee this effect will positively influence your team, your customers and yourself.

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