What is a paint without a canvas?

We are endlessly passionate about designing all of the external pieces of your business. We can design your brand, your logo, your marketing plan, your tone, your style, your aesthetic, your ads, your websites, your videos, your social media posts, and your events. However, these design elements are just globs of paint flung carelessly through the air without the solid, textured canvas of a healthy work environment for the elements to live on. To create on. To design with and become the masterpiece you originally envisioned for your business. This is why we’ve now officially named our culture training program, DesignUs. 

The name emerged in our minds when we realized culture training is the foundation for designing successful businesses. The unique work we do isn’t just about designing the outside of your business. We’re passionate about designing the inside, too. In fact, we don’t believe we can truly create a successful brand with you unless we do. DesignUs is about Dimalanta Design Group partnering with you to develop your leaders, your work environment, and your brand like a fine piece of art with multiple elements mixing together strategically on a robust foundation. We promise to design your business from inside out and the outside in creating a unique brand with integrity, style, and depth capable of inspiring the world.

Our communities deserve deep wins from organizations and brave leaders who will lead them. The beginning of a great organization in today’s climate starts with its people and its values. What do you have to lose? Well, our simple answer to that question is nothing but your fear. At Dimalanta, we want to help individuals and brands discover who they are, how they work together, and what profound thing they are going to do in the world next. Take a step in the direction of brave. Allow our team to guide you in designing your business…from the inside out and the outside in. It’s your call. We’re just waiting on you to ask, will you design us?

“The design process, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, science, and culture.”

–Jeff Smith

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