We mistakenly believe that the only time we are “on” is when we present to an audience, regardless of the number in it.  In reality, we are “on” all the time whether we know it or not.  At any given moment during the day we have an audience.  Granted it may be an audience of one, but it could be the most lucrative prospect for the year.  Those eyes and ears can be the difference between a good year and one that is phenomenal.

Another way to look at it is to assume that microphone is always live.  People tend to forget and do or say things that they didn’t mean for others to hear or see.  Like when a political candidate makes an off-color comment to someone on his/her staff only to realize later that what was said was captured by a live mic and heard by not only those in attendance but the world due to the media.  Talk about a humbling moment.

In our professional lives, we need to continually remind ourselves that the microphone is always on.  That each moment in that role we are in the midst of a presentation.  It is a never-ending script that dictates both our successes and failures.  By treating it as such, we can maximize our impact each and every day.  Each moment is an opportunity to truly shine, to influence and engage, to educate and inform.

In the world of referral marketing, treating our business like the microphone is always live significantly increases the potential for referrals and therefore revenue.  We realize that our reach just got amplified.

Keep it perpetual.

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