When building your business, it’s important to invest time in developing your team.  This is not the team of people who work in your office, but rather, the team of individuals that you select as your “referral partners.”  Referral partners are professionals that work in complementary businesses.  Examples of include:

  • flooring professionals and Realtors
  • florists and bakeries
  • personal trainers and nutritionists
  • restoration specialists and insurance companies

Do not leave your team up to chance, play an active role, especially after you have identified them.  Just as a football team practices throughout the season, so should your team of professionals.  Schedule regular meetings with your referral partners to mobilize and educate them on each other’s businesses.  Recruit new partners on a continuous basis, too, as people change positions, relocate, and retire.  Do not take a passive role in those you surround yourself with.  Create your team with purpose and a vision. Be the quarterback that moves the team forward. As individuals we cannot score that touchdown, but collectively we can do just that.

Keep it targeted.

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