It still surprises me when I hear the answer “anyone” when someone is asked about who their ideal customer is.  To me, it sounds like they really don’t know who that “anyone” really is.

In today’s highly competitive market, with the ability to reach countless individuals on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and the many venues to engage with in terms of advertising, people are inundated with information overload.  They become desensitized to all the messages out there.  “Anyone” and “everyone” becomes no one very quickly.  Consider also your limited funds and time.  How can you reach “anyone” or “everyone?”  It’s like throwing a dart at the bullseye but in the dark.  You will probably hit something or someone, but more than likely it will not be the bullseye.

Taking the time to carefully analyze who your customers are right now, and who SPECIFICALLY you want them to be will allow you to:

  • strategically plan where to allocate your advertising dollars
  • determine which events to attend and/or sponsor
  • construct your marketing pitch so that it “speaks” to your target audience
  • differentiate yourself from your competition in your customer’s eyes
  • create other opportunities to generate business like “piggybacking” your marketing initiatives with other complementary brands

Don’t waste another day focusing on “anybody” or “everyone.”  Instead, aim for that bullseye each and every day with resources that are aligned to ensure it happens.  This will eliminate the white noise and your target audience will finally start to hear you.

Keep it targeted.

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