There’s a great song by Coldplay with the lyrics “Am I part of the cure?  Or am I part of the disease?” Even though the song Clocks was released back in 2002, I still find those words to have significant meaning.  Today I find it applicable not only to my personal life but my professional life as well.

The way I see it, every employee within a business has a important choice to make each day. And this choice must be made numerous times throughout the day.  Whether it’s returning phone calls, greeting customers, attending staff meetings, or posting on social media – with every action we subconsciously ask ourselves the same question, “Am I part of the cure or part of the disease?”  Or, better yet, “Am I part of the solution or part of the problem?”

How we answer that phone call, when we reply to that email, what we say in our conversations is all a choice.  We choose to be a part of a solution to a customer, a colleague, or a referral partner, or we choose to not contribute to that solution, so by default, become part of the problem.

If we stop and ask ourselves throughout the day if what we are about to do is in the best interest of the company, or the customer, or the team, then we will be a part of building a more successful future, not only for our company but for ourselves as well.  For no matter how we package it, the actions of each individual make up the whole of the company, regardless of it’s size.  A company of one employee can live by this mantra, just as a company of 100 can.

At the end of the day we can probably answer for ourselves who took steps to be a part of the solution and who chose to remain part of the problem.  Which did you choose today?

Keep it personal.

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