Although our intentions might be good, sometimes our engagement efforts on social media can backfire.

I recently joined a discussion on LinkedIn where a member posted a question regarding a vendor recommendation.  The responses were overwhelming.  It was actually exciting to watch the comments being posted and referrals being shared.  Several days later the person who initiated the discussion posted a thank you to all who provided referrals but then proceeded to explain the actual intention of the request.  The actual intention turned out to be an invitation to those vendor referrals to a seminar that was being hosted by this person’s company.  Not surprisingly, several contributors responded rather negatively, stating that there should to be more transparency when soliciting information from LinkedIn members.  Several further stated that had they known the intentions behind the request they wouldn’t have been so forthcoming with referral recommendations and their contact information.

The bottom line – be clear with your marketing intentions.  People don’t like to be duped into anything.

Keep it relevant.

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