If your like me, your day shifts to fifth gear the moment you walk out of your house. Your ever growing action item list swirls around in your head, while your phone continually rings your favorite ringtone as you’re stuck in traffic on your way to the office. Like most business owners, the thought of marketing is way at the bottom of the list until urgency sets in. How are you supposed to execute marketing tactics when you already wear several different hats in your business?

1. Decide whether or not marketing is a priority to you and your organization. Is it? You better answer yes! Every company has to transform their thinking and believe that it’s a marketing company that happens to sell product “X” or service “Y.”

2. Assign or hire a marketing champion in your company. If that person is you, then you will have to carve out some time each day to stay on top of your strategies and tactics. Start with smaller increments of time then, as you get into the habit, you can begin increasing your commitment level. Use outside marketing coaches to keep you accountable and provide direction. Sometimes you just need someone to instruct you from the sidelines.

3. Prepare a marketing calendar that is visual to all who is involved in the sales process. If you don’t have a marketing plan to work off of, then you will have to take time to develop one. If you feel that you are inadequate to develop a plan, then you probably are. Reach out for help.

Often marketing is known for it’s creative side. Remember, don’t overlook the organizational aspect of marketing. That’s what differentiates an active marketing plan, from the one that is collecting dust on your shelf.

Keep it High Touch!

-Ernie DiMalanta

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