A good friend of mine invited me to attend an event with her.  I really knew nothing about it except the location and that it was a luncheon.  I was in for one heck of a surprise!

From the moment I was greeted until the time that I departed I was treated as a VIP. Someone assisted me with my coat, I was formally greeted by every staff member, each guest received a beautifully wrapped present that adorned each table, a parking voucher was provided to each attendee, the food was deliciously prepared and plated.  There was not a single detail that was overlooked.  Not a one.  I was truly “Wow’ed.”

This example may be over the top, but my reaction to the experience will demonstrate the impact of the “Wow! Factor.”  So, how did I feel the entire time I was there?  I felt valued, special, happy, important, and very excited to share my experience.  Note the key word ~ share.

Creating the “Wow! Factor” doesn’t mean pulling out all the stops all the time or spending a fortune, rather, it means paying attention to the details.  Looking at your business as a potential customer would will help to ensure that every encounter leaves people feeling valued, special, happy, important, and excited to share (again, note the key word) their experience with others. Word of mouth advertising is the best and most effective way to gain new business.  Couple that with sharing on social media and the combination is powerful, not to mention priceless.

Be deliberate in how you approach your entire sales process.  Find ways to increase the “Wow! Factor” in as many ways as possible.  Unless you are the only one providing a particular product or service, differentiating yourself from your competitors is critical.  It will make you memorable and keep you top of mind.  And that can only mean one thing, more business!

Keep it personal.

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