Public Relations.  I recently found a great explanation of public relations, one that really resonated with me and I hope it will for you too.

“Public relations is to shape and maintain the image of a company, organization, or individual in the eyes of the client’s various “publics”… the “publics” in PR terms is anyone who ever has or ever will form an opinion about the client.”

It’s important to remember the role that you play in developing the image of your company, no matter what your position.  A company needs to decide what the unwritten message the public will receive.  Careful consideration should be given when company owners and employees decide on community involvement.  It should align with the company’s brand identity and image. Here are a few ideas to consider as a starting point:

  • Company service projects
  • Participating in a non-profit board
  • Sponsoring a fund-raising event
  • Joining a committee for a Chamber event

Granted, most of public relations can be volunteer work, but actions do speak louder than words.

Keep it targeted.

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