While facilitating a recent Blogging Workshop it dawned on me that engaging with our target audience can be diluted if we make assumptions.  While we may be fully immersed in our particular field or industry, our target audience is probably not.

There were several industries represented at the workshop:  Banking, Construction, IT, Design, and Chiropractic Care.  Each came with it’s own set of lingo, credentials, and trends. While discussing potential topics for their editorial calendars, each attendance realized how much value they could share with their target audience through their blog.  They also realized that people in general do not openly acknowledge feeling overwhelmed, confused, or just plain lost when even thinking about the services they provide – remodeling, redecorating, refinancing, or readjusting. In fact, these feelings may prevent people from getting the help and advice they need to make informed decisions.

We can demystify our industries and professions through a marketing tool like blogging, a newsletter, or social media.  We can arm our target audience with knowledge they did not know they needed.  By taking the time to view your profession as your audience does takes customer engagement to a whole new level – you are the credible expert, one that is easy to talk to, and who provides value.  All in a universal language that can actually be understood and appreciate.

Keep it relevant.

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