Color has the power to evoke emotion.  Emotion compels us to think and feel a certain way.  As it relates to business, the color(s) chosen to represent the image and identity need to be an accurate representation of it.  Take for example Fifth Third Bank.  This corporation recently made a significant change to its logo colors.  What had been black and red for decades became blue and green.  If we break it down a bit further, let’s consider what each color means.  Black can denote mystery, power and even death; red – danger, energy, love.  In the banking industry these might not be the best colors to build identity.  However, the new logo colors – green representing life, growth, and money; and blue representing confidence, integrity, and peace – seem to be a better fit in this industry.  Either way, Fifth Third Bank decided a logo “make-over” was necessary.

When thinking about your own company logo and colors, take time to reflect on the feelings you want your product or service to evoke in your customers.  Is it relief, security, excitement, joy, peacefulness, stability, relaxation, or comfort?  When you have identified the feelings and emotions, check the colors you are currently using to communicate with your clients and prospects.  Maybe you will find that a logo “make-over” is needed, and that is okay.  If the big corporations can do it successfully, so can you.

Keep it relevant.

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