How often do we overlook the power of true collaboration?  In my experience, I believe that the most successful of us are the ones that have acknowledged and harnessed the power of collaboration.  This action alone can be directly correlated not only to their own personal success but to those they collaborated with as well.

Collaboration enables two or more individuals to work together on a shared or common goal.  In business, effective collaboration can:

  • improve the quality of referrals
  • increase the odds of closed business
  • promote creativity
  • enhance the caliber of content
  • encourage “outside the box” thinking
  • open doors to new and unforeseen opportunities

Just this week I found myself at a table with two other professionals, brought together for the purpose of a shared goal – to submit the best qualified nomination for a particular award.  The person spearheading this project had the vision, but knew collaboration was essential to give it the potential it deserved.  Working together, each person at the table brought their individual strengths.  One possessed the vision, the other content, and the third the creative.

As a fellow collaborator, I felt the energy level significantly increase throughout our conversation. I saw firsthand the exchange of ideas and the fulfillment of the vision. Collectively we captured the essence of what we felt the best qualified nomination looked like, what each of our subsequent steps would be, and were energized to fully prepare for our next meeting and meet the deadline.

The bottom line?  Just like two or more atoms are needed to create energy, two or more individuals are necessary to do the same thing.  Collaboration amplifies productivity and success, while inhibiting mediocrity.

Keep it relevant.

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