Words in general don’t create stress or angst, but many times I find that words, as it relates to marketing a person or a business, can be.  When people hear the words “content marketing” I see a little cringe, a deflation of energy, or hear a sigh.  It’s not the words themselves that create this reaction, but rather the stress in finding the right words that accurately describe their business and offerings.

Let’s face it, in today’s social media world, brevity is key.  The fewer words we can use to get our message across the better.  We have found creative ways to abbreviate sayings like:

  • “Laugh out loud” ~ lol
  • “By the way” ~ btw
  • “I don’t know” ~ idk
  • “No big deal” ~ nbd

Unfortunately with the trend towards content marketing, words are more important than ever if a business wants to be found online.  Relevant words (content) plus a consistent, disciplined approach equals higher rankings on search engines.  Something as simple as the written word has the power to positively impact our bottom-line, if we choose to properly leverage it.

The beauty of content marketing is that a little can go a long way.  Once the investment of time and energy has been made to create it, a business can recycle it for a multitude of purposes. We can compare content marketing to a chameleon.  The chameleon itself always remains a chameleon, but depending on the environment it’s appearance changes to better suit it.  Likewise, with the content you create you can change its appearance so it can be utilized in different ways. For example, the content you create for your blog can be repackaged and used again in your newsletter or social media campaign.

Repackage, reuse, and re-purpose that valuable content.  Work as the chameleon does. Change your content’s appearance to adapt to the various target audiences you serve.

Keep it relevant.

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