When it comes to small-business marketing, I find that businesses often over-think too much that they fail to execute.  They fail to create their marketing plan.  They fail to keep it going.  Their great intentions become, “I should haves.”  Marketing needs to be woven into the fabric of your business culture.  You need to be Out-&-Out when it comes to marketing your business.

Being Out-&-Out, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is, “being such completely at all times, in every way, or from every point of view.”  Therefore, adopting the Out-&-Out Marketing® mindset for your business, requires you to think of your business as a marketing machine that happens to provide a specific service/product.  To be proactive, rather than reactive, intentional rather than accidental,  ongoing rather than infrequent.

The great thing about being an Out-&-Out Marketer® is that anyone can do it so long as they are willing.  So stop thinking about it and start doing.  Commit to marketing.  Own it.

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