Sometimes is difficult to make a decision as it relates to marketing yourself or company. All too often, companies will have many “marketing” plates spinning in the air – all different yet some creating redundancy and therefore lost revenue.  While there may be plenty of options out there, all with value, it’s important to take the time to strategically analyze if it truly matches your brand and target audience.  Small business can feel compelled to take advantage of a certain advertising promotion for fear of missing out on potential customers or exposure.  While that could be the case, there is a way to test the strength of any marketing opportunity.

“Out-&-Out Marketing” is a marketing strategy that can be used as a litmus test to determine whether or not an opportunity is really in line with your brand, your target audience, and your budget.  It will allow you to know, rather quickly, whether what is being offered is something that is simple to execute for you and your staff, it is relevant to your brand, and personal enough to accurately reflect you and your company.

Minimize the spinning plates and increase effectiveness.  Build revenue and eliminate redundancy.

Keep it “Out-&-Out.”

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