CINCINNATI, OH, May 5, 2008:

For years small to medium-size businesses around the globe have known the importance of online marketing, but few have truly taken the leap of faith and have adopted this tactic into their marketing mix. Until now. Quest Marketing Solutions has added a new tool in it’s marketing tool box. It’s called, “Web2Lead!”

“Web2Lead delivers targeted customers directly to you with no risk, no set-up costs, no contracts…ever!” -Ernie DiMalanta, President of Quest Marketing Solutions

For $40 per genuine lead, we will setup a site that is a mirror image of your company site, advertise this mirrored site, and drive prospects to contact you by either calling a free 800 telephone number or by emailing a request.
Web2lead is an absolutely unparalleled, risk-free, online lead generating tool that delivers qualified customers right to your doorstep. It assures that what you pay for is what you get: Quantifiable Sales Leads. So how do we get you started?

STEP 1: Market Assessment- We will conduct a market assessment to identify the type of product and service you provide and who is likely to want to buy it.

STEP 2: Lead Probability Analysis- Our Web2Lead search experts will analyze the marketing key words to assure a minimal level of leads can be produced each month.

STEP 3: Design/Create Web2Lead Site- We will then design a web2lead site, at no cost, that will mirror your current website and will prompt the customer to call or email you.

STEP 4: Priority Search Placement- Our search experts then will make sure that your Web2Lead site appears at the top of search engines.

STEP 5: Generate Leads- We drive, track, and measure leads to you via a free 800 telephone number and email directly from the customer with a request for information about your services offered. Your sales team then has a great lead to convert into a sale. Don’t forget that you’ll be able to train your staff to make more profitable sales because recorded calls provide a unique opportunity to assess the accuracy and effectiveness of your phone sales team.

That’s it! Try web2lead on a month-to-month or day-to-day basis because there are no long-term contracts and no recurring monthly fees.

$40 per genuine lead that inquires about your product or services by calling a free 800 telephone number or by sending a request via email.

You must act now!
Why? There will be only one business-type per county or city allowed to use web2lead.


To begin, contact Jessica Wittmer with Quest Marketing Solutions at 513.683.6999 or For additional information on Quest Marketing Solutions, visit the company website at

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