I am amazed at the countless opportunities companies have to market themselves.  No matter the business event I am attending, you will find representatives from radio, magazine, newspaper, online, promotional, printing, special coupon advertising, etc. Beyond that are more specific advertising sales professionals from various art venues like the Aronoff, Riverbend, the Pops, and Playhouse.  And then there are the non-profits, local schools, and community outreach organizations…the list can go on and on.

If our resources were unlimited, we could advertise everywhere and anywhere, but the reality is that our resources are limited and each business has a target audience that may not be attending events at the Playhouse, or have children in school, or listen to a specific radio station or even read a particular magazine.  That is why branding is essential. Knowing who exactly you are targeting and how to reach that audience will help you make the right decisions in terms of which marketing opportunity has the highest return on your investment.

Take time today to revisit your branding and where your marketing dollars are going. Take inventory and try to calculate your return, either in closed business, number of referrals, increased “likes” on Facebook, or whatever it might be.

Yes, opportunities to market your business are unlimited, but your time and finances are not.

Keep it relevant.

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