We all love that new car smell; the feeling after we get our hair cut, house cleaned, or car washed.  Things can feel new and improved, even if they really aren’t.  It feels refreshing and energizes us.  Sometimes a minor change does the trick like planting flowers, cutting the lawn, or moving the furniture around.  Many times we fail to realize that those types of changes also need to be done in our business life as well.  If not for ourselves, then for those we serve – our customers and prospects.

We can get complacent in our daily, weekly, or monthly work tasks.  We can make assumptions to convince ourselves that everything is good as it is, or make excuses as to why things are as they are.  Take for example why attendance is low at certain events we are hosting.  Depending on the season we can blame it on an upcoming holiday or prime vacation time, but is that really the reason why?  Just like at home, when we get tired of eating the same rotation of meals for dinner each week and decide it’s time to mix things up a bit, we can and should do the same at work too.  Marketing tune-ups, similar to a vehicle tune-up, is a continuous activity.  Doing so prevents your message from becoming that dreaded “white noise” that gets lost in the crowd.

The solution is to schedule time each year to reevaluate your current marketing plan and scrutinize the results you are getting.  Determine:

  • What can be improved upon?
  • How can it be improved?
  • What is the ultimate goal of a particular marketing strategy?
  • If it is a good tactic and it didn’t meet its goal, what caused it to fail?
  • What new ideas can be infused into the current marketing plan to improve its effectiveness and ultimately revenue?


Dare yourself to think outside the box.  Contentment only means that it’s time to do something different, even if it’s just something small.

Keep it perpetual.

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