We meet all sorts of people during the course of our business day and each of these individuals have unique personalities, opinions, ideals, and sense of humor.  However, to truly engage with another person, especially someone you are interested in either networking with or earning their business, there’s more than needing to know what their personality is.

To enhance your success in your profession, whether it be selling, customer service, personal banking, or consulting – you must be willing to match personalities with those people you meet each day.  If the individual has a very conservative and quiet demeanor, engaging in an loud and abrasive manner will result in a negative experience for that person.  Likewise, if this individual is rather loud and abrasive, engaging with them in a quiet and timid manner will cause them to dismiss you.

To prevent this from occurring, ask questions.  Questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” response are a good way to determine the personality style of any new acquaintance. Being more deliberate and thoughtful will allow you determine how to best tailor your personality to theirs. Now, you might be asking yourself “why would I want to go to all the trouble to adjust my personality to the person I am speaking with?”

  • It will make it easier to connect with others.
  • It will help increase the strength of your relationships.
  • It will eliminate a potential personality conflict.
  • It will shorten the selling cycle.
  • It will increase the opportunities for referrals.

Essentially, you will be more likable to those you are networking with as future customers and referral partners.  And,, if you are more likable, you will be more successful.  I am not suggesting you mirror another, but rather accommodate the other person enough to match them personality-wise.  Why not make it easy to do business with you?

Keep it relevant.

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