While driving home from our family reunion this summer we stopped for a bite to eat at a Chick-Fil-A.  I noticed the line of cars in the drive-thru and the number of cars parked in the lot. My initial reaction was “oh no, maybe we should find another restaurant.”  I’m glad that we didn’t. Not only did the line move relatively quickly, but we were greeted on the intercom by a very courteous attendant.  There was a happy inflection in his voice and his words were professional yet friendly.  When we arrived at the window to receive our food, the cashier was warm and pleasant, with a smile on her face.  Wow!  What a nice surprise!

This is a perfect example of an exceptional marketing culture.  It is an environment that revolves around the customer experience – with each member of the team ensuring the customer is delighted and wanting to return for another visit.

Disney is another company that ensures this happens with each person that walks through the entrance.  No matter what a person’s job is, their number one priority is to make the customer feel special.  Marketing culture is “a belief that the ultimate purpose of the business is to create superior customer value.”

Any company, big or small, can ensure that the customer experience is exceptional. Consistency with each customer interaction and employees representing the brand well are key so that repeat business is assured.

How is your marketing culture?

Keep it perpetual.


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