How many physical sales appointments do you think is possible to run in one week? Well, there are a lot of variables that affect the answer to that question. In the earlier years of my consulting I remember running between 15-20 per week! That is lot of driving, talking, and eating fast food in between appointments. Now consider this. How would you like to present to 15-20 potential prospects all at the same time from the comfort of your own office?

Small businesses and organizations have to learn how to take advantage of advancing technology. In this case I’m eluding to the use of webinars. This isn’t a new concept. However, many of you haven’t taken the time exploring the possibility of hosting webinars on a weekly basis. Just do a quick online-research on webinars and you will notice that the cost-per-month to present large amounts of prospects is worth it when you consider gas cost these days! (Check it out here.)

Take a moment and think about the potential of webinar use in your sales process.

Keep It High Touch!
-Ernie DiMalanta

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