Jesus the ultimate out-&-out marketer

During Christmas I’m reminded of that baby born in Bethlehem.  His name is Jesus.  He would become the Savior of the world.  I’m always fascinated with the fact that the God of the universe would become a man to save the very people who sinned against him.

Think about this.

  • Jesus trained disciples.  These men sort of became his sales force.
  • He over promised and over delivered.  He told everyone that he would raise again in 3 days, conquering sin so that all who believed in him may have eternal life.  That’s amazing customer service.
  • When he ascended into heaven he told his followers to go and make disciples of all nations.  That’s one aspiring sales goal.
  • He also told them that if anyone does not receive them to go from that house or city and shake the dust off their feet.  That’s like cold calling.

Talk about keeping it simple, disciplined, perpetual, targeted, relevant, and personal!  Jesus is the ultimate Out-&-Out Marketer®.  In fact, he is the one I modeled my philosophy after.  So as you enter 2015, I encourage you to remember that baby in the manger, model after his approach to marketing, and pray for his wisdom and mercy.  He will truly bless you and your efforts.


Merry Christmas

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