“Is searching for connections on LinkedIn a form of stalking?  Like some feel about that on Facebook?”

That was a great question asked during one of our recent LinkedIn Seminars.  I must admit that there were several chuckles in the room, including from the person who asked, but it was obvious that people wanted to know the answer.  Well, the short answer is no, but it’s important to know why, too.

Searching for a connection on LinkedIn is more like “research,” not “stalking.”  People choose to be on LinkedIn to make connections, increase their visibility in the marketplace, and build themselves as a credible resource within their industry.  It is purely business, not personal.  So, while navigating LinkedIn determining who you would like to connect with, it is necessary to research who in your circles knows that individual.  This creates the bridge which allows you to build a relationship that will, in time, ideally grow into a mutually beneficial connection – all due to a little “research.”   Remember, connections create opportunity and opportunity can translate into revenue.  But it takes time plus a little research to make it happen, not “stalking.”

Keep it targeted.

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