Branding wall

…But you can sure waste valuable time & money if you don’t start soon.

I find that there are many businesses that have built their initial success on key relationships. They grow overtime on a dime and prayer, and next thing they know they begin hiring a salesforce. Then all of a sudden their salesforce begins to complain about the lack of brand awareness, poor image, no strategy. The urge is to push back and say,

“I never needed those things to get the business where it is today… Just go out and SELL!”

While there is some truth to that response, which I can support in another post, I would strongly suggest an attitude change.

The salesforce needs confidence in the company brand. If they cringe everytime they hand out a poor brochure or business card, purposely neglect to mention the company website, and are unclear of the brand promises, then this lack of brand confidence will impact the sale.

Branding your target market takes time & money.  Most small businesses don’t have an adequate budget in place for branding campaigns.  Therefore, it is imperative to strategically use marketing dollars over the course of time to brand your targeted niche market.  Don’t wait too long to put strategies in place.  Successful campaigns help to till the soil, and plant the seeds, so that your salesforce can reap the rewards.

So don’t wait any longer.  You’re wasting time and money!

If you have any additional thoughts on the matter, please comment.  I love hearing your insights.  You may also email me directly at:

-Ernie Dimalanta, The Out-&-Out Marketer.

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