I spent the day with a great client and friend of mine.  Not only was I there to support her with the award she had won, but to also spend time learning more about what it is that
she does each and every day.  As I sat there during the conference I found myself becoming immersed in the topics being discussed.  So much so, that I found a much deeper appreciation and understanding in what she does for a living.

My big take-away for the day was how I could be a better consultant to her.  How I could make her job easier by exposing myself to her world – the challenges, the trends, the opportunities. Whether you are a consultant, a sales representative, or in business development, taking the time to really educate yourself for the benefit of your clients is truly priceless.  It takes your role to a whole new level by:

  • Allowing you to better communicate with your client using their industry terminology.
  • Increasing your awareness of your client’s potential needs with upcoming projects.
  • Improving collaboration and creativity.
  • Reducing project timelines because you are speaking the same language and have a better understanding of what is really needed.
  • Showing your clients that you really do care, that it’s not just about the revenue.
  • Improving the effectiveness of the solutions you provide because of the deeper industry knowledge you have.

While it might take a bit more time to engage in this way, the pay-off can be priceless.  You become an ally to those you serve and remove that notorious sales label.  You develop relationships that are mutually beneficial versus those that are only self-serving. Because in the end, celebrating success is always better when you can share it with others – when you can actually witness the positive impact of your efforts on others.

Keep it personal.

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