Digital marketing is a fancy way of defining all marketing strategies that are devoted to the web, such as social media, websites, Google AdWords, PPC, SEO, email campaigns and so on. More times than you would think, we have seen well-established businesses that fail to nurture their digital marketing footprint, mainly because the same tried and true methods that have worked for the past 10 years are still being implemented. Most outdated marketing methods rely upon push marketing that pushes your company onto consumers. We are now in a generation that responds better to pull marketing that places emphasis on building relationships with your customers by giving them relevant and helpful information, which in return draws them to your company.

We have found that when organizations are not active online, their target audience is not as interested in pursuing an ongoing relationship. Digital marketing strategies offer simple and cost-effective ways to boost your organization’s credibility, brand awareness and engagement with end-users. It provides measurable and real-time results so you can know quickly what is working and what is not.

Let’s take a quiz to see how well your digital marketing is going:

  1. Do you have a relevant, updated website?

  2. Do you regularly post on your business Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Twitter?

  3. Do you analyze your Google Analytics and/or AdWords?

  4. Do you execute a calendared digital marketing plan?

  5. Do you have a specific person devoted to implementing and managing digital marketing?

How did you do? If you answered “yes” to 4 or more questions, your organization is on top of growing through digital marketing. If you answered “no” to 4 or more questions, there is a good chance that digital marketing is pretty nonexistent or stagnant right now. Raising this issue with your marketing team or department is a good first step in growing your online presence. Work with your team by researching the best online outlets that will get you the most exposure to your target audience and begin defining your digital marketing plan and KPIs (key performance indicators).

If you don’t have any marketing support, our team at Dimalanta would love to collaborate with you and streamline your marketing efforts through our Out&Out Marketing® strategy. We believe that digital marketing should be simple, disciplined and perpetual while being targeted, relevant and personal. Shoot us an email at to schedule a phone call with our CEO/Sr. Consultant, Ernie Dimalanta to see how we can help you grow your presence in this digital world.

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