Have you seen the commercial with the famous NBA player, Blake Griffin?  He starts by asking the viewer, “Do you want to be amazing?”  Every time I see it, I say in my head, “Yes!”  Heck, who doesn’t want to be amazing at something?  I believe that in today’s business world it has never been easier to be amazing.  Think about your daily encounters and how many people make a positive impact on you.  I’m guessing that the list in your head is quite small.

Here is a simple list of ways for you, the business professional, to be amazing:

  • Make eye contact and smile.
  • Respond to emails, phone calls, and texts.
  • Ask others genuine questions about themselves that do not involve anything you sell.
  • Connect two professionals that could be potential referral partners.
  • Keep your commitments.
  • Show gratitude.
  • Provide testimonials to those who deserve them.
  • Send a hand-written note on special occasions.
  • Be inclusive of others.
  • Take the initiative and introduce yourself to new people.
  • Give others your complete attention.
  • Be on time, but if you are late, call.
  • Volunteer your time.
As you can see, anyone has the ability to be truly amazing.  It has never been easier to separate yourself from your competition and make a lasting, positive impression.  

Keep it personal.

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