Luck is an interesting concept.  It’s something everyone wants to have, yet we’re not sure how to get it or even where to find it.  Occasionally we think we’ve got it only to discover how elusive and temporary it can be.  Eventually we realize that luck is merely fictional.

While driving in my car the other day I heard the best definition of luck presented as an equation. It was so good that I had to write it down:

“Luck = Opportunity + Preparedness”

When it comes to marketing, luck is really nothing more than a discovered opportunity, that when you are prepared for it, has great potential to positively affect your business.  An opportunity is nothing more than a possibility that would not exist had you not played a role in finding it.  Here are a few examples of how one uncovers opportunities through marketing:

  • Attending a networking event
  • Participating in Chamber functions
  • Developing an enewsletter
  • Building your Facebook likes
  • Joining a Referral Marketing group
  • Setting one to one meetings with key professionals each week
  • Writing a blog

While these are all examples of ways to create opportunities for yourself, maximizing the potential will require a certain level of preparedness:  

  • Mastering your 60 Second Manager’s Minute or Elevator Pitch
  • Providing relevant content to share on Social Media and other Marketing Communications
  • Having a list of key questions to ask during one to ones or other networking events to develop a more personal relationship
  • Identifying the right Chamber/organization for you
  • An understanding of the benefits referral marketing

Developing these two components of the luck equation – opportunity and preparedness – will bring you more than luck.  It will bring you the consistent referrals and revenue that build a better business.

Keep it perpetual.

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