Raise your hand if you like to fail.  Probably not a single hand went up if I had to bet. Failure is not enjoyable nor desired, but it can always be an option.  While we know that to be true, what we may not believe is that failure can actually be a positive option if we look past the surface. Learning from our mistakes is one of the most powerful teachers we will ever have. Sometimes when we look back on a failure we realize that it was, in fact, a blessing.  Like when thinking back on our life to a disappointing experience and discover all the good that came from it.

Professionally, we cannot let fear of failure prevent us from trying new things.  Whether it’s new programs, benefits, marketing initiatives, business collaborations, or simply challenging the status quo.  If the results you obtain are less than desirable, then take time to evaluate why that happened.

  • Was it due to something that was in your control or out of your control?
  • Did you properly assess whether or not it was targeted to the right decision makers?
  • Was it relevant to your audience and what they care about?
  • Did it reflect the personality of you and your company?
  • Maybe it was too complicated and time consuming to successfully launch?
  • Was there an internal Champion that was the point person?
  • Was there proper planning?

Learning from the mistakes that we make helps us to become a better version of ourselves. It also separates us from our competition if we take what we learn and continue to implement new ideas and strategies.  Sometimes staying the course and trying again is what it takes.  Then failure never becomes an option.

Keep it perpetual.

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