Every business should have a social media presence, but many times a business doesn’t know where to start, when to start, or what to actually do.  This particular blog post will focus on developing your own social media strategy.

Create an Editorial Calendar:

    • Start with one per quarter for simplicity.
    • Begin by placing important events/Holidays/promotions on it.
    • Note at the beginning of each month to change your cover photo to keep it fresh.

Develop Weekly Themes:

    • At a minimum have 5 themes, one for each day of the week.  More is ideal to prevent repetition.
    • Examples of Themes – Monday/Company Specific; Tuesday/Inspirational; Wednesday/Tip of the Week; Thursday/Community Highlight; Friday/Light Touch
    • Themes should be relevant to your business/industry.
    • Themes help with the creation of content – which Google loves!

Must Do’s:

    • Commit to one day a week that you will dedicate at least one hour to your social media strategy.
    • Use this scheduled time to select your pictures, draft posts and content for that week.
    • Consider utilizing Hootsuite as your social media dashboard which allows you to schedule your posts on various social media platforms throughout the week.
    • Remember to add people/industry relevant companies to your social media accounts.
    • Take 10 minutes each day to reply to messages and be involved on each of your social media platforms.
    • Although you have scheduled select posts throughout the week, it’s still good to add to it randomly based on your daily engagements.
    • Pictures are always best!

Keep it disciplined.

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