Have you ever been at a networking event and noticed the person who is trying just a bit too hard to make a connection (i.e. sale)?  They may do things like:

  • promptly give you their business card right at the introduction
  • talk, and talk, and talk about themselves and their business
  • hover near you the entire night
  • invite themselves to stop by and see you

To me, it comes across as someone who is desperate to “make a sale” at any costs.  It also tells me that they are not serious about their profession, or building any sort of relationship with the person they are targeting.  Many times I feel like I look like a dollar sign to them.  Either way, it is not appealing. And if it’s not appealing, it’s not going to help “make a sale.”

I believe the most successful professionals exude confidence.  And confidence reveals not only passion for their profession but the understanding that the premise behind success is developing genuine relationships.  There is no desperation in any interaction nor the appearance of trying too hard.  Confidence just is.  You can walk into a store like Nordstrom and feel the confidence. You can also feel it at certain restaurants or many schools.  It cannot be faked.

Remember, brand yourself as someone who is authentic and confident about your profession, and make it a point to surround yourself with others who do as well.  You will never appear desperate and people will certainly take you seriously.

Keep it disciplined.


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