Conflicts Can Help Your Marketing

Conflict, especially in the business world, is daunting and unwelcomed. But have you ever realized that how your company handles conflicts can directly impact your ability to market your business? Poorly handled conflict can impact you a great deal. We’re here to help you figure out how you can create great conflict resolution.

Conflict can arise within customer service and the customers, between the company and the marketplace, any type of PR disasters or product disasters, conflicting messages, and negative impacts on brand clarity. These things happen no matter the business, so it’s not really about preventing these situations, but what to do when conflict does arise. When handled poorly, it can impact the image of the company and therefore, negatively impact business.

When it relates to customer service, conflict harms consumer clients. Your clients want to know they’re being listened to and that the company will go above and beyond to take care of their needs, to resolve the issues at hand in a timely manner, every business professional needs to be:

  1. Able to proactively listen to grasp everything being said
  2. Willing to communicate clearly and timely to address the issue
  3. Transparent and honest about why the conflict occurred
  4. Able to arrive at a solution that puts the customer first

Oftentimes conflict drives creativity and innovation. It challenges us to think in new ways, to come up with out of the box solutions. There is no organization that is impervious to conflict or challenges in the marketplace. What makes one company stronger than the other is how it handles conflict and how it navigates resolutions. Furthermore, what may have started as a bad thing could end up strengthening the bond of your team.

And always remember…

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