I never thought I would find myself as a passenger on a tour bus.  Exploring new cities, countries, and cultures is best experienced with freedom to explore.  I never knew how wrong I was until I went as a chaperone on a recent trip to Washington DC with 75 eighth graders.

Clarity has the power to transform chaos into calm.  It has the power to alleviate stress, redundancy, and confusion.  Clarity also provides direction, credibility, and encourages teamwork.  Without the clarity that our tour company provided, our trip would have been a complete disaster.  Not only did I see the benefit of their presence and expertise, but I felt it as well.  We knew our itinerary for each day – times of arrival and departures, meals, rest stops, sights to be seen, and bedtime.  We knew that in the event of rain or some other unforeseen detour, our guides would take what ever steps necessary to update our itinerary.  There was a lot of peace of mind knowing that I could focus on my chaperoning without worrying about anything else – I had clarity.

In our professional lives, we can apply this same principle – whether or not we are in a leadership role.  For no matter what our title or position in a company, we should always have clarity.  It allows for focus and productivity.  Plus, people are drawn to those who know where they are going, the steps they are taking to get there, and who always do their part to ensure the success of the whole.  This not only dictates clarity, but discipline and vision.

Be sure you have clarity.  If you don’t, seek it.  Otherwise you might just find yourself on a bus full of exhausted, emotional 8th graders on a bus to nowhere.

Keep it disciplined.

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