One would think that requesting an envelope is simple enough, right?  I mean, if you need to mail something to a vendor, client, or prospect what difference does it make what the actual envelope looks like:  white, regular, #10, square flap, or window?  Well, interestingly enough, it can make a big difference when it comes to marketing yourself or business.

Anything – and I mean anything – that the outside world sees is an impression of you and your business.  From the business card you hold to the picture you post on LinkedIn.  Conclusions are drawn, mental notes are taken, and first impressions are made.  One must never think that something as basic as an envelope is held to a lower standard.  In fact, when that piece of mail is received by that key person you are hoping to get face time with – don’t assume anything.  That envelope is the first impression.  If that basic envelope arrives at their desk and looks generic or an after thought, what impression does that create?

The point is this…everything that the outside world sees from you should reflect the same quality branding.  It should proudly announce who it’s from, both inside and out.  With as competitive as the market is today, why leave anything to chance?  Because it’s really not “just an envelope” but rather another opportunity to get your message out there.  Don’t pass it up.

Keep it perpetual.

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