Here at Dimalanta Design Group, we believe every business professional should look at themselves as an Out-&-Out Marketer.  That means following 6 key principles in every decision you make that relates to how you create visibility for yourself in the marketplace – in other words, how you stand out from the masses to reach those you want to do business with.  Aligning yourself in this way will ensure you do not fall prey to the all too common threat to all marketers – shiny objects.

These shiny objects represent our tendency to be easily diverted from our current marketing strategies because we see, hear, or read about the newest way to advertise, the best deal, or a latest trend.  When these situations occur, we feel the urge to “give it a try.”  The philosophy of Out-&-Out Marketing ensures that you protect yourself from making a decision that could be detrimental to building the revenue you want.

Each time a shiny object presents itself, ask yourself the following questions to determine if it is truly worth your time and resources to add to your current marketing mix:

  • Targeted – Will I reach those I consider to be my target audience?
  • Relevant – Does it allow me to show my target audience how relevant my product or service is to them?
  • Simple – Is this new tactic easy for myself or my staff to do, or does it require too much effort for the cost and ROI?
  • Disciplined – Am I able to dedicate the time to ensure it becomes a reality?
  • Perpetual – Do I have the time and resources to continually engage and monitor the effectiveness of this new strategy?
  • Personal – Will this initiative allow me to relate to my target audience in a way that is not generic, but rather highlights the personality of my brand and myself?

Whether it is print, online, radio, television, or billboard advertising – or advertising on the blimp – protect yourself, your time, and your resources by using the Out-&-Out Marketing principles as a litmus test.  Shiny objects will then lose their allure so you can focus on building your book of business the right way.

Keep it Out-&-Out!


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