Action speaks louder

I was at an round-table discussion recently and found myself listening to a competitor talk about their business.  I kept hearing words like:

  • “we care about our clients”
  • “we empower them”
  • “we do what’s in their best interest”

I started to think that all that should be a given.  It really doesn’t need to be said, as I am sure everyone, in every business says it.  So if everyone is saying it, how do we find ways to really differentiate ourselves from our competitors?  Maybe instead of saying those things we should actually show it.  Then instead of us saying those words, our clients say it for us.  They will talk about your company and say things like “they really cared about my company and my needs” or “they empowered my staff to implement the changes.”  Those words become very powerful.

A great resolution could be finding new ways to differentiate your business from your competition.  Try updating your “60 Second Elevator Pitch” to include words that convey benefits to those in your target audience.  Get involved in your local chamber by donating your time.  Be sure that every team member is performing their tasks at the desired level.  Others will see for themselves your client relationships and how much you care and empower them.

Actions really do speak much louder than words.

Pam Rezai
Sr. Marketing Director

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