You hear about it all the time.  Something that is the “cure all” or “one step” solution to whatever challenge you are facing.  We all know that there isn’t one, yet many of us still want to believe there is.  Take the weight loss industry, for example.  “Industry experts” claim that by using a particular product you will be on the fast-track to the ultimate weight loss – just like that.  Or the professional athlete endorsing a pair of tennis shoes.  It leads kids to believe that by wearing those shoes they too will become a professional athlete.

As much as we’d like to believe that there is that “one” thing that will change everything, common sense tells us it simply isn’t true.  Yet, time and again business professionals will still look for that magic solution that will keep revenue flowing, the phone ringing, and the pipeline full.  If it were that easy, every business would be an overnight success.

Success doesn’t just happen.  It takes a combination of many factors to achieve it.  To outsiders it may look like it was there all along, that the success just happened, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Insiders to the business know the amount of strategic thinking, hard work, and commitment it took over a period of time to make the success a reality.

There is no magic when it comes to marketing your business.  It requires thought, discipline, and consistency.  Marketing also needs to be relevant to your target audience, simple to execute, and personalized to your brand.  In the end, its really the best marketer that wins today.  And the best marketer is the one who knows that there isn’t a magic pill, but rather ownership and accountability to all the daily tasks it takes to make success a reality.

Keep it perpetual.

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