Create Alerts and Notifications

Have you ever heard people say, “If it’s not on the calendar, then it will never get done?”  I know I hear my wife say that all the time. :o)  The saying holds true when it comes to managing your pipeline.  The best way to manage your pipeline is through creating automated systems that alert you when it’s time to followup with your COI, Clients, and prospects.

Doing this frees you from having to remember it all yourself.  This then enables you to focus on daily revenue generating sales activities.  So if you contact a prospect and they insist you reach out to them months later, then you can set the alert and forget it.  If a company tells you that they will be meeting to review your proposal next week, you can set reminders to give them a call a couple of days thereafter.  You can remind yourself to send out thank you cards or your monthly newsletters, to schedule key visits, annual evaluations. The list of alerts can go on and on.

The point is that automated alerts allow you to be more efficient, consistent, and sane.

Keep it Perpetual!

Ernie Dimalanta, The Out-&-Out Marketer

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