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I’ve always said the most important field to update in your CRM database, regarding your contacts, is the note section.  Why?  Whether or not an opportunity becomes a paid client, you and your sales team members have to massage those opportunites down the pipeline.  It’s a relational thing… and a CRM tool is a relational tool. Therefore, pay close attention when you meet with clients, prospects and your circle of influence, and take relevant notes that will help you strengthen your relationship with your contacts.  Believe me, the notes come in handy later as you attempt to soften and close the sale.

Obviously, you also want to scrub your database for outdated contact information.  This will help you save on time and resources.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to either delegate the responsibility or build it into a monthly or quarterly habit.  Remember, times are tough and businesses are letting go of employees, closing their doors, etc.  There is a lot of shuffling that happens in business and your database needs to shuffle along with it.

Lastly, you may want to upgrade the CRM software that you use in your company.  Using an old shovel for mining will leave you tired and frustrated.  You, and your marketing and sales force will dread every moment having to work in an old system.  Look online for affordable and robust CRM programs.  Salesforce, Goldmine, or Act, are just a few of many solutions out there.  I found this free guide online that discusses the top CRM solutions of the year, click here to download.  If you’re wondering, I prefer salesforce.com.

Feel free to comment and let me know what CRM software you use in your business.

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