social media brandingManage your brand perception.

So how often do you take the time to reflect on how others perceive you and your business?  The way people perceive you directly impacts the chances of them doing business with you.  Also, your potential for referrals goes way down.  So if we accept that to be true, then why don’t we make it priority to manage our online image?  The next step to accelerating business growth through social media is by taking control over your personal brand.  Here are 5 ways to improve your brand perception using social media:

  1. Use appropriate photos of yourself.  Whether it’s your profile pic on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. or cover photos on your business pages, think through your photo selection.  How do you think people will view you upon first impression?  Do you look professional enough?  Is the photo poor quality?
  2. Create a purposeful bio and summary of yourself.  When you complete your profile descriptions about you and/or your business, think about the message you’re communicating.  Is it clear? Does it communicate anything unique about you? Is there enough information?
  3. Post updates that paints an accurate picture of a person others would want to do business with.  Depending on your brand objectives, you may want to show others that you’re a family man, that you know your craft, that you are a thought leader in the industry, or just plain thoughtful.  Whatever you are trying to portray, be sure to portray an image that would be appealing to those who could help you succeed.
  4. Show that you care. Don’t be that person who only likes to talk about themselves.  Use social media to highlight others. Shine the spotlight on your clients or strategic partners.  Being relational is always good for your image!
  5. Align graphical elements to match your company brand standards.  Make sure to use the company logo, images, photos, colors, fonts, that are within the parameters of your brand.  Brand consistency communicates preparation, quality, reliability.
Don’t leave it up to others to define your brand.  Take control of it and show others how you want them to perceive you.  
Keep it relevant!


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