We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Today’s visually based media makes that truer than ever. Check out these top five reasons you should invest in high-quality photos for your marketing materials:

  • Better Overall Visual Appeal Great images make your materials more visually attractive and much more likely to be noticed. No one wants to look at – let alone read – a large block of text.
    The audience you are trying to reach today is accustomed to getting its information from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, all of which are highly visual in nature. Numerous social media studies have determined that visual posts (those containing photos and/or videos) get much higher engagement than those featuring only text.
  • Communicate Your Values And Culture The right high-quality images can help you “tell the story” of your business by visually communicating your values and culture. When you share photos of team-building activities, you are showing that you value camaraderie and employee engagement. You can show your commitment to diversity by using pictures of employees from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. Photos that show employee festivities or contests can demonstrate a culture that places an importance on celebrating a job well done and having fun.
  • Personalize Your Marketing People are interested in seeing photos that highlight your business and employees, so try to use your own photos over stock images whenever you can. Keep a camera or smart phone with you all the time and look for opportunities to capture moments that help tell your story. Using stock images is the equivalent of displaying the pictures that come in the frame. Those people might look better than your family, but they’re not real. Authenticity wins every time.
  • Showcase Your Products And Services There’s no better way to showcase your products and services than through great photos. No description you can ever write can capture the attention of your audience like high-quality, evocative photographs. You can use photos to share new products and services or new ways to use your products and services.
  • Give A Behind-the-Scenes Look At Your Business Or Workspace Everybody loves to get a behind-the-curtain look at their favorite companies, products or events. The popularity of reality television and programs like “How It’s Made” are evidence of this. Photos are a great way to share a glimpse into your business and people. Photograph everything from staff meetings to office updates to warehouse or production line activity and share with your customers, fans and social media followers.

You can hire a professional photographer for special events or elaborate projects. But in most cases, today’s technology will allow you to take your own high-quality photos for most of your marketing needs.

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