In case you’ve been living under a rock, video content is all the rage these days. Videos are entertaining, engaging, and easy to absorb, which is why consumers eat them up. People appreciate the more personalized element of video. They get to watch a real human being speak to them rather than use their imaginations to put a face with a story. We’re not suggesting you stop writing blog articles, newsletters, and other forms of copy. However, if you are striving to stay competitive as a business, you have to become competent in the area of video marketing. Mix it up sometimes! We’ll tell you how…

Keep it Short, Simple & Entertaining

You can create many different kinds of videos, but try to stick to these 3 principles: keep it short, simple, and entertaining.
You’ll lose the majority of your audience if your video is over 5 minutes so tighten up the content and don’t leave any dead space.
Keep the content easy to understand. Remember Donald Miller’s rule: if you confuse, you’ll lose. Offer a clear description of the problem you’re addressing, a succinct solution to that problem, and a simple plan to achieve the solution.
Entertainment value is heavily directed by the editing process. In the editor’s chair, you can add music, graphics, and script overtop of your video. This adds interest to the video and keeps the content alive and moving. A spunky personality on camera never hurts either!

So Many Kinds of Videos

There are a variety of videos you can choose from depending on the topic you want to address. We recommend using a clever mix in your marketing efforts: thought leadership videos, product reviews, 60 second commercials, unboxing videos, behind the scenes videos, blooper reels, and how-to videos. Some of these can be shorter or longer depending on where you post. You can spin any of these videos into an IGTV or Facebook video, a YouTube video that you share on Facebook, an Instagram Reel or even a TikTok video (see our blog on TikTok for more info on this medium!).

-Thought leadership videos are an effective way to lay a foundation of authority as an individual or organization on a specific topic. These videos are educational in nature and offer new thoughts on an idea or issue.

-Product review videos allow you to showcase your products in fun and captivating ways. You can use graphics and models to reveal the user-friendly quality and effectiveness of your designs.
-60 second commercials on social media are great ways to attract your ideal audience and promote solutions to your customer’s problems.

-Unboxing videos are a playful new trend! These videos are a fun way to get creative with your staff. You can reveal a book that’s influenced your team or a new product, service or feature that your business is offering.

-Behind-the-scenes and blooper reels are useful ways to create some comic relief on your a social media accounts. Get creative, have some laughs, and show the world that you aren’t uptight business professionals, you’re real people who like to have fun!

-How-to videos are pretty self-explanatory. These are helpful ways to promote the user-friendly quality of your products, and teach your customer how to use your product through a clear set of steps.

Your Video Checklist

Creating high-quality video content doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here is an easy checklist for creating polished videos: (We added some links for video production gear that you can purchase to get started. We chose items that are budget friendly.)

-Choose a dedicated space in your office where you can film your videos and paint that room a bright white or light gray. This will give your videos a clean, fresh feel.

-Purchase a top-quality camera and get to know the correct settings for video. You will also need a tripod for effective positioning.



-Sound is one of the most important elements of video. Be sure to soundproof the room where you film.

Acoustic Panels:
Microphone Boom Stand:

Multitrack Recorder:

Shotgun Condenser Microphone:

-Suitable lighting is also essential for topnotch video quality. You can purchase photography lighting on Amazon.

Studio Lighting:

LED Color Changing Flood Light:

-You will need post production editing software. We recommend Finalcut Pro or Adobe Premier. You may also use a simple beginners software like iMovie if you’re an Apple user. You can also download the iMovie app and edit on a mobile device.

-Create a script and use a teleprompter app to deliver clear, dynamic content.

-If you’re creating content using your phone you’ll need a ring light, selfie stick, tripod or gimbel for high-quality personal videos, reels, or TikTok videos.

-Be sure to create a content calendar to stay organized and keep your vision on track!

Video content is a compelling way to spice up your marketing with interesting, helpful information, and a punch of entertainment. If your video is intriguing enough to keep your audience on your page it will boost your engagement and kick more attention over to your posts. Just one more reason why video content is an important tool to add to your marketing strategy.

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