Wherever you find a business owner or entrepreneur you will also find a dreamer, a creative, a visionary, and a BIG thinker. The problem is dreams and visions can only take an entrepreneur so far. After the idea has been pushed through to production, not much will sell without a hefty dabble in some marketing. But, marketing can become a giant source of stress and confusion without a marketing strategy that works from BIG vision out to the corners of the vast market. From the sunny dream down to grounded practical tactics and back up again. A business needs more than an idea. A business needs a flow – a model that can help perpetuate a rhythm of focus, stability, and prosperity. Strategy pyramids are extremely influential in creating this rhythm .

In ancient Egyptian society, kings held a unique position. It was believed that kings were chosen by the gods as mediators of the earth and occupied a space somewhere between human and divine. Because of this belief, early Egyptians sought to preserve the king’s majesty even after his death. During the third and fourth dynasties of the Old Kingdom, Egypt experienced tremendous economic prosperity and stability and was, therefore, able to construct giant, layered tombs with which to protect all that the king was about. The large, excessive structure symbolized the wealth and power of the kings. The tombs themselves were chock-full of intricate pieces of history, art, and treasured belongings. The pyramid’s smooth angled sides symbolized rays of the sun and were designed to help the king’s soul ascend to the heavens and join the gods. (History.com Editors. “Egyptian Pyramids.” History, 30 Sept 2019, https://www.history.com/topics/ancient-history/the-egyptian-pyramids)

No matter what our personal opinions are of these early Egyptians and their gargantuan displays of wealth, pyramids are an incredible visual tool. They can help us build strategies that are stable, focused, and ultimately prosperous. There is stability to be discovered in the idea of layering and organizing the prized ideas of a business from big visions at the top to practical tactics and programs at the bottom. A heavenly sense of focus is found when managers can look back up to that original vision for guidance and support. Lastly, marketing structures that successfully flow out to the very edges of the market are usually very prosperous. So, let’s dive into how to create and use strategy pyramids.


Strategy pyramids place the main vision, idea or strategy at the top, supported by tactics in the middle, and programs at the base. Pull out a piece of paper and start drawing out your pyramid or have a graphic designer start laying out some ideas with your team members present. Place your vision at the top of the pyramid with some ideas about your strategy. This will help you focus on specific markets, market needs, and product offerings. This will provide focus and intentionality where there was only a dream. Focus is how a dream comes true. You weed out all the unnecessary emotions and distractions associated with an idea and actually get down to business.


After you place your vision at the top of your strategy pyramid, tactics follow which set the ground rules for your marketing message and the way it should be communicated. Programs are at the base of the pyramid and provide specifics for implementation. These can include milestone dates, expense budgets, and projected sales results. You develop your specific programs within your milestones so you can track progress by assigning a program lead to each one, with a budget, and milestone goals. It is vitally important to track and measure the expense of the programs for each tactic and match the emphasis of the spending with the emphasis in your vision. This process will increase the likelihood of implementation and progress, which will add stability to your big, wild idea. We recommend using SMART objectives to assess the progress of your tactics and programs. Make sure your programs and milestones are…

Specific. Measurable. Actionable. Realistic. Timely.


By implementing strategy pyramids you will start to find a flow within your company and usher your dreams into being. The chaos of a BIG idea sounds thrilling in the beginning, but only leads to frustration and stress. You have to find a strategy to grasp and let it lead you to success. Just like the sleek sides of our economic symbol for prosperity, your mindset when focused and stable can lead you upward to the economic heavens you desire.

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